TeenTalk & ValleyPBS

At Ascend Behavioral Health, we recognize the increasing challenges that today’s youth face, particularly when it comes to their mental well-being. It’s alarming to note that the number of children reporting poor mental health is on the rise. That’s why we advocate for an environment where parents and schools work closely to form resilient and supportive relationships with students. Our goal is to contribute to their journey towards becoming emotionally healthy adults.

We are proud to collaborate with Valley PBS and other mental health experts to make this vision a reality. Through our participation in the Teen Talk series, we aim to bring this critical conversation directly to you. Each session features a diverse panel of clinicians, educational staff, and young adults. Our experts at Ascend Behavioral Health are honored to be part of this initiative to demystify mental health issues and spark meaningful dialogue. Together, we can empower our youth to face life’s challenges head-on.