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Ascend Behavioral Health | Adolescent Mental Health | Fresno, CA

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Ascend Behavioral Health was the first teen mental health Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in the Central Valley. Voted Fresno’s best, our program is run by talented and experienced mental health clinicians that use evidence-based treatment to help restore health and functioning in teens that are struggling with mental health concerns.

Why Ascend is the #1 Teen and Adolescent Behavioral Health Provider

Ascend exists to help restore hope in the lives of Fresno kids and teens affected by mental health conditions. Our goal at Ascend is to help restore healthy neuropsychological “brain” functioning in each child and teen we serve. In doing so, we strive to not only reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions but to help our adolescents start a journey towards healing and wholeness. We know that quality psychological care can be very difficult to find. When you or a loved one is suffering, trying to understand and navigate the broken mental health system in our country is daunting. We are here to provide hope in your time of suffering by being a beacon of hope and a path towards healing. 


ascend was the best experience I have ever had!

Amnesia July 6, 2023

it was great for the most part … some staff were really pushy and kind of invalidating … it felt as if sometimes they were judging us , but i got to know some of the staff such as the school counselor thing person , her name is anna , and my therapist ( 2nd therapist) and to be honest the whole staff mostly … i was there for a while & my stay was almost over but my mom passed away … it felt kind of rushed , she passed away august 2021 and i left october 2022, they said i was okay because i went through one of the hardest things in life … but i wasnt really given time to process , ive barely started to process and i feel so alone … i felt as if the staff pretended to show what felt like love (from some of them) but when i left it was kind of… sad, no one gave me a hug … or asked … i was really close to my therapist, she gave me such a warm feeling , so anyways .. it was pretty good for the most part 🙂

grey ros November 23, 2022
Guillermo Rendon July 11, 2022

Effectively working with adolescents requires a specific skill set and the staff at Ascend have all the skills to reach and help youths struggling with behavioral health issues. The providers at Ascend seem compassionate and dedicated to their work. They speak language that's relatable to younger people. They seem to create a real community which is helpful because younger people that struggle often feel different from their peers. Great environment.

jay waterman June 10, 2022

Had a wonderful experience with Ascend!

Allen Cicolani June 10, 2022

The clinicians and program directors are remarkable! Helpful, sensitive and supportive. My family will always go to them for mental health services.

Andre Dawson June 7, 2022

I enrolled my 16 year old son at Ascend when he was struggling with online learning and feeling helpless. I can not say enough good things about our entire process! The growth that I have seen in him is indescribable, he is happier, more confident, he has not only learned new tools but actually uses them. I would recommend Ascend Behavioral Health to anyone who has a teen that is struggling.

Kerry Figueroa June 8, 2021

Ascend was so helpful with my teenage nephew! They were able to get him in right away and explained everything! The staff is amazing!! 5 star service!

Christine Edwards June 8, 2021

Ascend offers a welcoming and safe environment for adolescents! The staff are extremely passionate in their work and it truly shows with the continuous positive impact they have made in their lives.

Rosie Samarjian January 27, 2020

With the diverse challenges adolescents encounter - it is great to have a facility such as this offering diverse programs to assist them in dealing with these challenges.

Chadley James September 13, 2019

From the first time I called asking for help to the very last session, this team has demonstrated real care and compassion for our family. I’m truly grateful for all the care given to my beautiful daughter. I cannot thank them enough. Healing while not easy is possible and within reach when guided by people like The Ascend’s team.

Monica Ramirez September 6, 2019

This place has the best staff, program and facility! You can feel the genuine care that this program has for their clients and clients' families as soon as you step through the door. You will not get better service or care anywhere else in the valley.

Emily Gomez September 4, 2019

I can’t possibly give Ascend Behavior Health enough stars! We have been struggling with our 16 year old for 10 years. Different medications, therapists, psychiatrists, and at-home services. This is the ONLY PLACE where she has come out of her self-inflicted cage. There’s peace in our home now. They truly work miracles. I can’t thank this group enough, we finally have hope, and more importantly, we feel like we are getting our daughter back!!!

BL August 29, 2019

This place worked wonders for my kids great new innovative program and they work with you financially. They have a group well caring doctors as well.

Martin Amaya August 14, 2019

Great people doing great work!

Matt Lundy August 4, 2019

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Did you know that 1 in 5 teens show signs of disordered eating? That's why we've partnered with @oasiseatingdisordersrecovery to provide comprehensive eating disorder treatment to transitional-age youth here in Fresno, CA!
ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) can make kids highly selective about food, avoiding certain textures. Ascend Behavioral Health offers support and strategies for healthier eating habits.
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Recognizing anxiety in children is the first step. If you're concerned, reach out to Ascend Behavioral Health for guidance and support. 💚
Take a deep breath and remember that it's okay to make your happiness a priority.
At Ascend, we're here to restore hope for Fresno's youth facing mental health struggles. Our goal is clear: to help kids and teens not only overcome symptoms but also embark on a healing journey.
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As parents, you play a big part in teaching activities that make everyone feel good inside. Learning how to identify and handle emotions, figuring out what you need, and asking for help are important skills for all of us. They can even help keep us from feeling too worried in the future. Remember, every little thing you do counts.
1 in 5. Let that sink in. If your teen is struggling with mental health, we're here to help. Let's break the stigma surrounding mental healthcare.

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Commonly Asked Questions about our Mental and Behavioral Health Services

Common mental health issues in teens include anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Signs that your teen may have a mental health problem include changes in mood, behavior, and habits, as well as a decline in academic performance or social relationships.
Treatment options for teens with mental health problems in Fresno, CA may include therapy, counseling, medication, and other forms of support, such as support groups or educational programs.
When searching for a therapist for your teen in Fresno, CA, it is important to consider the therapist’s qualifications, experience, and their approach to treatment. You can also ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider or search for therapists online.
Therapy can help teens develop coping skills, improve communication skills, and provide a safe and supportive environment to discuss their thoughts and feelings. It can also help teens identify and manage their mental health symptoms and improve their overall well-being.
To help your teen maintain good mental and behavioral health, it is important to encourage them to engage in healthy habits, such as exercise, a balanced diet, and enough sleep. You can also encourage them to seek help if they are experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder, and provide support and understanding as they navigate their mental health journey.